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stereoopticonIn the Light of the World There is a Tree
StereoOpticon, Drollerie Press
Elke is just six years old when an army marches into her village, led by the Interloper, a half-man, half-raven chief bent on the town’s destruction. When the village’s strongest men fail to save them, Elke and her grandmother must undertake a journey to find the only magic powerful enough to save them all.
“The symbolism and magestry of this story sucked me in immediately and shook me up. Mureall’s voice is spell-binding, thoroughly wondrous and magical.”
Soleil Noir, Black Sun Reviews
“A buffet of young adult goodness… full of what makes YA fantasy great…I give it a hearty:A”
Isabelle Santiago, Tales from the Hollow Tree
“Completely new, yet as comfortable as an old chair overstuffed with the story-telling of old.”
Kelly Jensen, SFCrowsnest
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